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Personal Development Coaching

Your chatterbox is running all the time and it could be hurting your performance. Learn to combat toxic thoughts and harness negative emotions with 5 critical-thinking skills based on the latest brain research from the experts. It’s your inner chatter that’s holding you back. What you do not know will hurt you! Take control now.

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Coaches Corner

Performance Coaching | Coaches Corner

Find out the latest on how to get more from your athletes with emotional skills training designed specifically for coaches. Included are the latest findings on the athlete's brain, training techniques, development strategies for athletic maturity, and video and audio clips from experts in the field. It’s all about attitude. Change theirs today.

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EQ Coaching by PT

Emotional Workouts| Mental Toughness Training for Sports

Mental and emotional strength produces consistent results.

Parrish’s "Mental & Emotional Training" (M.E.T.) is a proprietary strength and conditioning program specifically tailored to your unique personality style, strengths and weaknesses. It’s time to deliver. Get the training required to do it today.

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EQ public Workshops

In this workshop designed specifically for athletic coaches, Parrish works directly with your staff using a "train-the-trainer" lesson plan that empowers you to champion the tools and techniques required to develop emotional intelligence. Includes a 3-D Task Analysis of each field position. It’s not just about physical performance anymore. Acquire the intelligence you need today to win tomorrow.

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I can tell you that from my many years of teaching the principles of high performance to people across the globe this is a spot on insight.

Brigadier General John Michel

U.S. Air Force

When Parrish 'trained' our students-athletes, I watched as their attention increased during each of the two (2) hours sessions. What he has to say and how he relates it is powerful.

William (Bill) Jurgens

Director of Athletics - Florida Tech

The MET gives and easy-to-understand breakdown of what it means to be in control of thoughts, steps to take a maximize your potential, and how to prepared for the ups and downs that come your way.

Warren Morris

Olympian Athlete, former Major League Baseball player

'Mental' is a great, practical tool fr any athlete that wants to understand the all important voice in their head and the approaches to create a voice that can facilitate great performance.

John Haime's

New Edge Performance

How to Train Your Brain | Emotional Intelligence Book | PT | Author
Mental - Regulating the Chatter

What you do not know will hurt you!

Your chatter-box is running all the time; learn these five (5) critical thinking skills to combat toxic thoughts and regulate disruptive emotions. It’s your chatter-box that holds you back, it’s your responsibility to take control it.

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Emotional Intelligence Leadership | Gallery
Video Coach On Demand

Listen and learn from Parrish as he uses Hollywood movie clips to highlight key lesson objectives.Their skills in the art of communication consume us like only "Hollywood" can do allowing us to bridge the gap between a good idea; and what does it actually look like.

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Emotional Intelligence

If your position requires you to lead others to peak athletic performance, consider this: Your feelings affect their performance more than anything else.

Research shows a direct tie between emotional self-awareness and measurable results. People who are upset are ineffective. Period. You can’t read your audience accurately when you’re yelling. The higher their anxiety, the less mental toughness and ability are at your players’ disposal. Developing emotional intelligence is the key to winning.

Get to really know your athletes as people—not just talent. Your ability to properly read your own emotions builds a foundation to improve athletic performance and help your players develop the mental training for peak performance necessary to deliver consistent results under pressure.

Who This Benefits:

  1. Head Coaches (Cultural impact)
  2. Position Coaches (Drill applications)
  3. Strength Coaches (Emotional strength & conditioning)
  4. Administration (New Age responsibility)
  5. Student-Athletes (Emotional Intelligence Skill sets)